Last week’s naked Mexicans caption contest was such a smashing success that Right Pundit continues into the abyss with a full-frontal nudity, shocking doggy style photo of naked Chinese complete animals in a (gasp) zoo.

“In this photo released by China’s Xinhua News Agency, a dog feeds tiger triplets and her own puppy, right, at the Paomaling Zoo in Jinan, capital of east China’s Shandong Province, Wednesday, May 16, 2007. The tiger triplets were rejected by their mother shortly after their birth.”

With that important clarification, welcome to our Thursday photo caption contest at Right Pundits.

Caption this photo and you just might be the lucky winner to be announced next Thursday. Can you handle a full week of suspense?

The winners for last week’s contest are below the fold.

The Winners !!!

First Prize:
charles austin says:
Another job Americans won’t do.

Second Prize:
Elliot says:
Cool, and we didn’t think we had a place to park our bikes.

Third Prize:
rodney dill says:
Cute, but if they stood on their heads, they’d really be a crack-up.

Honorable Mention:
TexasFred says:
Well, they all made asses of themselves this time…

Wyatt Earp says:
In defiance of the usual stereotypes, hundreds of Mexicans remove their clothes to dry their backs.

Blue Collar Muse says:
Wow – I just noticed – nobody here has a tan line!

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