Anyone who continues to fund (or even listen to) NPR after the disgusting display of left-wing garbage President and CEO Vivian Schiller doled out to FOX contributor Juan Williams today needs his head examined. Fortunately, as is often the case when right meets wrong, Juan Williams has the last laugh.

Wake up, America: We are a nation run by leftists, and their days are numbered. In the old days, the mainstream media had no competition. Now they do. Schiller shot herself in the foot today and gave that much more incentive to the November elections. People on both sides of the fence are sick of our pathetic, pitiful, politically correct society and media.

Even liberals are defending Juan Williams for his honesty and integrity in admitting he gets nervous about being on a plane with Muslims. Radical Islam is, in fact, a serious threat to America — were the NPR folks on another planet on 9/11?

Many NPR listeners are shaking their heads tonight, wondering how their supposedly open-minded, rational radio station could be so stupid. Perhaps they’ll consider the fact that NPR isn’t the neutral station it portends to be.

Gee, ya think?

Suzanne Venker is co-author of the forthcoming book The Flipside of Feminism: What Smart Women Know – and Men Can’t Say (WND Books). Her website is