I’m sure there are a lot of politicians ganged up in D.C. area congressional hangouts tonight having a couple of martinis, maybe a good cigar, and most certainly patting each other on the back for a job well done, however there are a lot of folks across the fruited plain tonight that are not nearly as thrilled with their efforts as they are.

No, I’m not talking about the 70 percent of Americans that are thoroughly pissed because those empty suits didn’t have the gonads to come up with a real immigration reform plan that would put an end to this decades old Hispanic invasion, I’m talking about the 12,000,000 criminal aliens (closer to 30 million, but whose counting) that those weasels have been sucking up to.

That’s right. After all of the debating, compromising, and arm twisting, the politicians have managed to satisfy no one.

I heard more than one quote in the news tonight that talked about this upcoming bill somehow bringing the criminal aliens “out of the shadows?, but according to the criminal aliens, that isn’t quite true.

Illegal immigrants and their advocates sharply criticized the Senate’s immigration reform deal with President George W. Bush on Thursday, saying its provisions are overly harsh and will drive many people deeper into the shadows.

They said key components of the proposed deal regarding illegal immigrants, such as having to return to their home countries to apply for legal residency and pay a $5,000 fine, would be financially impossible for low-wage earners.

Many also said stepped up raids over the past year made them distrustful that U.S. immigration authorities would let them return to America.

AP story in the International Herald Tribune

And about that pathway to citizenship thing that the President has been harping about for 6 long years, well, the criminal aliens say that all of the time, effort, and paperwork just isn’t worth the trouble, so a lot of them simply plan on staying here illegally.

Many illegal immigrants said they had little incentive to apply for residency because the process was long and did not give them much hope of bringing their families.

“If I’ll never be able to bring my family, why should I apply?” said Jose Monson, a 33-year-old illegal immigrant from Guatemala who has lived in Los Angeles four years. “I prefer to just stay here illegally.”

“If I get deported and need to cross the border again, that’s not a problem,” he said.

AP story in the International Herald Tribune

I think that the folks at NumbersUSA probably had the best take on this situation that I have seen so far today. The following is an excerpt from their press release issued earlier today.

NumbersUSA Condemns Senate-White House Immigration Agreement

“The Senate negotiators would have us believe we can solve illegal immigration by rewarding it, and that we can deal with the American people’s sense of being overwhelmed by a 20-year flood of accelerated immigration by increasing the numbers still further,” said NumbersUSA Executive Director Roy Beck. “These Senators have sold out the American public and the rule of law by agreeing to craft such a disastrous bill that gives illegal aliens exactly what they broke the law to obtain — permission to live and work in the United States. Several of these negotiators ran for re-election on platforms promising not to legalize immigration lawbreakers or have promised constituents for months that they would never be part of this kind of amnesty. Their betrayal of trust was made official when they stood at the press conference this afternoon announcing the amnesty.”

If you aren’t already disgusted enough by the traitorous shenanigans that took place on The Hill today, you can also see OSAPian’s post on this this issue HERE.