So did you hear about the Barack Obama MythBusters TV special? Indeed see the sneak preview video below. The Obama MythBusters episode is about Greek mathematician Archimedes, who legend says helped destroy the Roman fleet during the Siege of Syracuse in ancient Greece. Hosts Adam Savage & Jamie Hyneman recorded the president’s pontifications on the matter because the White House hosts a Science Fair annually each year during which the president filmed a long segment.

Science entertainment TV program Mythbusters hosts Adam Savage (C) and Jamie Hyneman (R) wave as US President Barack Obama makes remarks while hosting the White House Science Fair celebrating the winners of a broad range of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) competitions in Washington on October 18, 2010. UPI/Olivier Douliery/Pool Photo via Newscom
Photo: White House Science Fair, MythBuster’s Adam Savage & Jamie Hyneman

You heard that right. As the mid-term election approaches, as the unemployment rate reaches 10%, and as our nation is mired in federal overspending and poor economic management, our President Barack Obama holds court on television in the MythBusters series. Tell us what you think in the comments.

So what is MythBusters? It is a show where experts review fables, rumors, old wives tales, and hopeful adages about history and the way things work. The series is staged by Adam Savage & Jamie Hyneman, the MythBusters cast main characters, along with Kari Byron, Grant Imahara, Scottie Chapman, and Buster the crash dummy. The show has a loyal fan following by the nerds around us but has never broken through as a popular mainstream show. The White House hosts a Science Fair each October, and this year Obama crossed fateful paths with the shows producers (pictured above).

The Obama MythBusters appearance is about Greek mathematician Archimedes. He helped destroy the Roman fleet at the Siege of Syracuse, according to Greek records. Archimedes was a military planner for King Hiero, and his defenses of Syracuse are credited for defeating the Roman fleet in 213 BC. His role was written about contemporaneously by the Greek historian, Polybius, and later by the great Roman historian Livy and Plutarch the Greek. That his role was decisive is never in question, which is my spoiler for the show should you actually run across it on the Discovery Channel.

What Obama specifically challenged the show to explore was the fable that Archimedes used a “death ray” to blind the Roman fleet into submission. According to legend, a concoction of mirrors was pointed out to sea which powerfully reflected the sun back into the Roman sailors eyes. This part of Greek history is legend, of course, but one cannot help but lament that such a device could have prevented Obama from signing the woeful Obamacare plan. But I digress.

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The Obama MythBusters show will air on the Discovery Channel on December 8th. Be there or be square because Obama is so way hipster cool on history.

Now tell us what you think after watching the video about Barack Obama’s acting role and tell us where is the modern Archimedes to defeat him?