Pay attention Democrats. According to German Chancellor Angela Merkel, multicultural experimentation in countries like Germany is a failure. She calls for every new immigrant into the country to learn the German language and melt into the common culture. See the video news report and opinion here and then tell us what you think.

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Although Angela Merkel’s multicultural criticisms were intended for a German audience, she might as well have been speaking directly to the United States and our chief multicultural proponent, Barack Obama himself and his Democrat party. Indeed nobody has benefited more from multiculturalism than our own president, and no party benefits more from the ascendancy of multicultural attitudes than the Democratic Party.

So what is multiculturalism? It is a philosophy that holds that the component parts of a society sum to make more than the whole. Diversity and individuality are to be celebrated, while the common culture that distinguishes all great society’s should be shunned. Multicultural countries de-emphasize their common heritage, religious philosophy, borders, and language. You see this philosophy manifest itself in America through Kwanzaa celebrations, the wearing of veils, bilingual ballots, and now presidents with Islamic and African roots.

That the multicultural philosophy is inherently wrongheaded is known to every Little League coach. Youth sports emphasize teamwork — the logical idea that everyone working hard toward a common purpose will result in team achievements that no one player could achieve for himself. We know from our history that America’s greatness can be attributed to our collective Puritan work ethic, Judeo-Christian heritage, deference to the Constitution and the common belief in manifest destiny and American exceptionalism.

So it is no wonder than multiculturalism fails wherever it is promoted. Germany has come to this conclusion after a long trial period that mirrors many of the same problems that the United States is facing by celebrating diversity today. Angela Merkel says it is time for Germany to get back to their own melting pot.

The brilliant strength of an American “melting pot” in which individuals adopt the common culture was so utterly non-controversial just 30 years ago. Unfortunately the Democrats saw their votes eroding in the 1980 landslide election and embarked on an effort to win ethnic votes. The strategy (which was wildly successful) was to recognize each ethnic group’s sense of identity in order to appear empathetic to their needs. The result was more Democrat voters but a society that we now know is worse off.

Angela Merkel declared the multicultural experiment in German has “utterly failed.” What Germany has to show for an open-borders policy is millions of foreign immigrants who now call Germany home, and yet they fail to adopt the homeland’s common culture. They have less useful skills for producing goods and services, and their children require a greater share of educational expenses. And because they choose to celebrate their differences rather than adopt the native culture, they will forever burden the system rather than adapt.

Angela Merkel: “This multicultural approach, saying that we simply live side by side and live happily with each other has failed. Utterly failed.”

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