Alvin Greene made a name for himself when he ran in the Democratic Senate primary in South Carolina earlier this year for the right to face Jim Demint, the incumbent Republican. As we recall, Greene won a shocking victory in that primary. At first, analysts were shocked since nobody could recall seeing Greene on the campaign trail.

Then, clarity was achieved when it turned out that the key to victory was what came to be known as the ABC strategy. Greene, everyone acknowledged, was victorious because the Palmetto State lists candidates in alphabetical order. Hence, Greene had an insurmountable advantage over his opponent, Vic Rawl.

Since then, Greene has apparently been tirelessly campaigning across South Carolina. However, he has trouble getting media exposure because he doesn’t have much money for ads, and hasn’t been able to secure many media interviews. But that hasn’t stopped the intrepid Greene. This week, he went to the South Carolina state fair and, like all other candidates in our great land, was glad-handing prospective voters. He came upon a reporter for WIS television, who was doing a live broadcast from the event. Well, naturally, Greene approached the camera. When he wasn’t able to get the reporter’s attention in any other way, Greene went behind the reporter and put his hand in the rabbit ear (sometimes known as the devil horn gambit) position. Unaware of his proximity to greatness, the reporter concluded his piece.

In a campaign season which is becoming more and more contentious, we’ve all got to admire Greene’s ability to combine a good-hearted style with an ability to allow voters to reminisce about humorous tactics some of us stopped using once we entered junior high school. This prank had the advantage of also being used shortly before Halloween, the holiday which makes each of us yearn for those wistful times when we could place rabbit ears behind an unsuspecting friend’s head.

Here is a video of the live report on WIS-tv.