Those peace lovin’ Talibani bastards are at it again. This time they have chosen to pick on a bunch of Christians in Charsadda, Pakistan, a town in the North West Frontier Province bordering Afghanistan. Taliban militants sent letters to the 500 or so Pakistani Christians earlier this month telling them to close their churches and convert by Thursday or be the target of “bomb explosions.”

As you might imagine, the deadly serious threats made by the murderous Muslim militants has caused many of the Christians to flee the area, and apparently those that have decided to stand their ground will have to do so without any assistance from the local government because according to some community leaders, the police are not taking the threat seriously.

Chaudhry Salim, a Christian leader in Charsadda, said during a news conference in Islamabad, “Police say someone is joking with us by writing these letters. They have deployed only two policemen at our churches … this is the kind of security we are getting now.”
Of course what more could anyone reasonably expect from the provincial government, which is controlled by a coalition of pro-Taliban religious parties?

This situation in Charsadda is just one more example of Islamic radicals imposing Taliban-style social reform in northwestern Pakistan. For the past couple of years militants have been bombing businesses that sell Western films and music, warning hotels to remove televisions from guest rooms, and threatening barbers for trimming beards.

At this point, I guess we’ll just have to see what happens.

lan astaslem!