So just how sticky are those laws that state you can’t campaign inside a polling place? Michelle Obama, it’s being reported on Drudge, may have violated the law without even knowing it. According to the report, Obama was in Illinois casting an early ballot when she told one man how important it was to vote to keep her husband’s agenda going. Ooops!

U.S. first lady Michelle Obama (L) speaks with Amanda Deisch at Early Voting Polling Place in Chicago, October 14, 2010. A Reuters-Ipsos poll shows American voters are unhappy about high unemployment and are set to oust President Barack Obama's Democrats from control of the U.S. House of Representatives in Nov. 2 elections.REUTERS/John Gress (UNITED STATES - Tags: POLITICS ELECTIONS)

Of course White House mouthpiece Robert Gibbs shrugged off the incident by saying, “It’s not hard to imagine, The First Lady might support her husband’s agenda.” No, it’s not hard to imagine, Gibbs, but it isn’t hard to imagine either that the FLOTUS would obey election laws in her home state.

Illinois law says that “no person”, including First Lady Michelle Obama, shall engage in any political discussion within any polling place or within 100 feet of any polling place. That’s the clear statute as laid out by Illinois state law.

An Illinois board of election official summed up Michelle Obama campaigning inside a polling place pretty well. He said she probably didn’t know what she was doing anyway. His words, not mine. He prefaced that statement with one that sums up the entire Obama Administration. He said, “You kind of have to drop the standard for the First Lady, right?”

That’s what we’ve been doing for 20 months now, dropping the standard.