Here is the live stream of Christine O’Donnell Coons debate in Delaware. The senate candidates square away on national television on October 13th, 2010. Time of the debate is 4:30pm PT / 7:30pm ET. You can watch on cable TV news channels CNN, Fox News, CSPAN, and of course we have the Vermont debate live streaming feed for you on Right Pundits.

Christine O  Donell debate

Latest Delaware polls show clearly that O’Donnell is trailing Chris Coons badly by about 20 points. He is way over 50% which means he should win this race running away, and yet there is still tremendous interest in the race at a national level. Why?

Why? Because she is Christine O’Donnell, darling of the Tea Party and the butt of late night jokes. Much like Sarah Palin in 2008, the more that the liberal intellegentia lampoon her the more fans she wins on the right and the more amused armchair critics from the left. However, like Palin’s support it is a large fan base of conservatives only. Independents are laughing and grimacing right along with the Democrats at the strangeness of her past experiences and statements.

That isn’t to say that she wouldn’t be a good senator. I think Christine O’Donnell would be a refreshing change in Washington where dull old boys like Coons are a dime a dozen. However, for this writer to be completely consistent I have to say that she is about as unqualified for the position of senator as Barack Obama was unqualified to be president, and like Obama she appears to have no lasting moral convictions that ground her in a set of core principles.

The Delaware primary debacle is the major GOP primary gaffe that will probably keep the Republicans from gaining control of the U.S. Senate, and along with that we can kiss the chairmanships of the critical judiciary and health committees goodbye. No fix for the nation’s crippling health care boondoggle can be achieved without GOP control of the senate, and it will be far too late by 2014. Meanwhile Obama’s radical court appointments will fly through confirmation hearings.

It’s not Christine O’Donnell’s fault of course. She has a right to run and a right to upend the easy GOP winner, Mike Castle. But what a disaster for the party and for the country at large. The stakes were so high.

The culprits here are misguided outside Tea Party yahoos who saw a pretty smile on TV and raced money into Delaware from out of state. Sarah Palin fell for the schtick herself and rather unfortunately endorsed an apparent sure loser. She didn’t know at the time, of course, nor did any of the out of staters who threw their money away, that Christine O’Donnell has such a woefully checkered past.

Historically, of course, that’s why we vet candidates, and why a premium is (or should be) based on experience in party primaries. We forgot to do it this time. You need to know who you are getting, the lesson that was apparently not learned from the shallowness of Barack Obama’s atractiveness as a candidate in 2008.

The yahoos continue to spin a nice yarn with meaningless slogans like Castle is a RINO, and strangely lament that he only voted 85% conservative, blah blah. They don’t take personal responsibility for the repercussions of their money waste, namely putting a radical far left liberal named Chris Coons in the Senate for however many terms he chooses to serve.

Yet all conservatives will be rooting for Christine O’Donnell tonight in her debate with Coons including this writer. Let’s hope that she hits it out of the park or Coons stumbles badly. Or lacking either of these unlikely things happening, The Delaware debate helps us remember why candidates need to be vetted in order to win elections.

Here is the Delaware debate live feed streaming video in the window below. Click the arrow to watch the Christine O’Donnell – Coons debate live on TV and tell us what you think in the comments.

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