Brendan Steinhauser, the Director of Federal and State Campaigns for Freedom Works, appeared as the guest on the Colbert Report this evening. During the interview, seen in the video below, he articulated the positions of the libertarian wing of the Tea Party Movement which often receives little attention from the media.

Tens of thousands of demonstrators march on Pennsylvania Avenue toward the U.S. Capitol Building in Washington on September 12, 2009. The protest, organized by the FreedomWorks Foundation, was against proposed health care reform legislation. UPI/Alexis C. Glenn Photo via Newscom

Steinhauser became prominent politically by being the lead organizer for the Taxpayer March on Washington last September. He has become a leading voice in opposition to taxpayer bailouts, stimulus spending, and government deficits.

This year, one of his most effective methods he employed to provide needed attention to Tea Party candidates was the Take America Back tour which provided attention to some of the lesser funded candidates. Now that many of these candidates have won their intramural battle, it is up to the volunteers that Steinhauser is responsible for organizing to continue working until next month’s general election.

Often, the media finds it easier to present the Tea Party as a hierarchical structure, much as the two regular political parties. As such, they gravitate to those who share the beliefs of Sarah Palin. While this is indeed an integral part of the nascent movement, the libertarians who have rejected the free-spending ways of most of the Washington establishment, and which is perhaps best personified by Ron Paul are just as important to its electoral success.

What is important, it seems to me, about appearances such as this on the Colbert Report, is that it makes it more difficult for those who are interested in business as usual in politics to pigeonhole advocates and candidates who seek a more limited federal role, in either domestic or foreign policies. When opponents from both the Democratic and Republican elites attempt to characterize this movement by placards held by a few supporters, or even some of the more unusual political beliefs held by a few candidates, the function is not to shame the placard holders or defeat those prospective office-holders, it is to make any voter who tends to offer support for any citizen-candidate less apt to reject those who have made a mess of the policies in which our nation has found itself. It’s the elites way of telling the rest of us that we can’t do any better than they did.

Please watch the video here.