Watch the live feed video of the Chilean mine rescue live streaming on Right Pundits, now on a wider screen. The miners have been trapped in an underground tomb for two months. Watch the Chile mine rescue on streaming video as each man is literally airlifted to safety, very unlike the U.S. economy that is sinking even further into our virtual mine under Barack Obama’s economic policies.

Chilean Mine Rescue

Live: Chilean Mine Rescue

Florencio Avalos is the first miner up from the depths of the mine. He is 30 years old, married and a father of two children. He videotapped the other men in the mine and has been looked upon as a leader by his cave mates. It is the miners themselves who decided who would be first, a testament to Florencio Avalos’ courage for the past several weeks.

We expect miners with health problems to follow Avalos. One miner is a diabetic and others have their own issues. Some are also facing marital issues as well documented in the local press. Memo to men: forbid your mistress from attending any public ceremonies in your honor.

The rescue capsule takes approximately 20 minutes from top to bottom and back again. The high-tech capsule is approximately 18 inches wide so hopefully these miners have lost weight in the past two months. All 33 miners will be brought to the surface in the clear night sky within the next twelve hours. They have been trapped since August 5th for 67 days.

The last man out is undetermined at this point but it is a highly coveted spot in the inner mine. The last man from the Chilean mine will be heralded as a hero, much like a captain going down with his ship, and will possess a very interesting world record for most time spent trapped in a mine.

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