For more than two months, 33 miners in Chile have been trapped nearly a mile below the surface. This weekend, the drilling operation which has been feverishly conducted by the Chilean government, reached the workers. Until then, people on the surface were able to communicate with them, send down food, water, medical supplies, and other ancillary materials. Today, Sabastian Pinera, the President of Chile, announced that his government expects to begin rescuing the 33 miners at 8:00 this evening.

Mounted policemen keep journalists off the hills surrounding the area where the operation to rescue the 33 miners trapped underground in the San Jose mine is being prepared, in Copiapo October 11, 2010. Rescuers will start evacuating the miners late on Tuesday and have successfully tested a capsule to hoist them to the surface to end their two-month ordeal, officials said on Monday. The banner reads, Miners.  REUTERS/Mariana Bazo (CHILE - Tags: DISASTER BUSINESS MEDIA)

Since Saturday, the rescue operation has tested the rescue capsule to ensure that the miners will safely be brought to the surface. Now, apparently, the government is confident that there is no danger in the extraction process.

The plans are that a team of rescuers will deploy into the capsule with a change of moisture-resistant clothes for each of the 33 men. Which men will be removed first has already been determined. The order was decided based upon age, safety experience and knowledge, and health. As each man is brought to the surface, heart rate and blood pressure monitors will be attached to them. Now that the rescuers are satisfied with the safety of the capsule, a primary concern is the problem of some of the miners fainting or having panic attacks on the journey to the surface.

We all wish them well, obviously. Below is a song dedicated to the miners, Arriba Mineros.