The opening of a new reserve recruiting office in Wasilla, Alaska was honored with the appearance of “Tonight Show” host Jay Leno. Air Force personnel welcomed the host to the event to thank the new troops and cut the ribbon to the building, but no word as to whether the NBC star got a warm welcome from Sarah Palin as well. Get the full story, with pictures and video below!

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Fans of the “Tonight Show” host attended the event en masse, bringing their vintage cars with them. Widely known as an avid collector of unique automobiles, the host spent time examining the cars before kicking off the event.

The oddest car of the night was hailed as the old truck remodeled to resemble the “Radio Flyer” wagon; I’ve never seen anything like it said Jay Leno. Air Force officials took the opportunity to invite the famously troubled host to open the office when they noticed he was scheduled to be in Anchorage as part of his stand-up comedy show, “Tour for the Troops.”

Cutting the ribbon on the new recruiting office, the host then thanked the new recruits for fighting for their country.

“I look at these young faces and they look like the kids that we went to school with,” Leno said. “And, you know, I — thank you so much for doing this, because I wouldn’t be able to do what I do. Well, people say, ‘You have all these cool cars,’ well, I wouldn’t have them if it wasn’t for you guys.”

Initial reactions found it strange that Wasilla’s own Sarah Palin wasn’t invited to host the event. As a GOP VP hopeful, the former Governor would no doubt happily oblige to supporting the troops in any way. Still, as the saying goes, nobody’s famous in their own hometown. What do you think of the Jay Leno Air Force appearance? Was this a snub to Wasilla native Sarah Palin? Let me know in the comment section! And check out photos and videos of the star below!

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Photos: RHS, Fayesvision, PNP