If President Barack Obama and the Democrats were looking for good news on the economy this week, they sure didn’t get any. The Bureau of Labor Statistics issued it’s September Jobs Report, the last before the November 2010 mid term elections. The national average for the Unemployment Rate remains flat at 9.6%. Analysts had expected it to go up to 9.7%, so it will be interesting to see how the BLS fudged this number. Meanwhile, Gallup Poll released the results of it’s monthly analysis of the job market yesterday and showed the actual unemployment rate is at 10.1%.

A man walks out of a job fair for military veterans and other unemployed people in Los Angeles, California, October 7, 2010. REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson (UNITED STATES - Tags: EMPLOYMENT BUSINESS)

Today’s BLS report says that the private sector created some 64,000 jobs in September, contrary to ADP’s report this week of it losing 39,000. Non-farm jobs are down 95,000, however. Government employment dropped 159,000 as all but 6,000 U.S. Census workers have been let go. The Federal government accounted for a loss of 76,000 jobs while the states and local municipalities lost 83,000 jobs.

Key employment sectors, such as construction, lost 21,000, service providers down 73,000 jobs and manufacturing down another 6,000. Retail employers hired 5,700 new workers and temporary workers increased 16,900 in September.

Before the White House celebrates the ‘U-3′ unemployment rate remaining flat at 9.6%, the broader, ‘U-6′ number increased significantly in September from 16.7% to 17.1%. Another indicator that the U.S. economy is still in trouble and further proof that the Obama stimulus program was a complete failure. In addition, the number of out of work Americans unemployed for 26 weeks or longer increased to 47%.

When you couple these numbers with other data, such as both the U.S. Federal Reserve and the International Monetary Fund downgrading their projections for U.S. GDP growth and issuing more warnings about our ever-growing budget deficit and National Debt, the picture is not pretty. The U.S. dollar has been getting hit hard as the Fed continues to add currency and devalue the dollar. U.S. Treasuries are down, especially the 10-year note.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) jobs report for the month of September, 2010, is more bad news for the Obama Administration and Democrats with the November 2010 mid terms approaching. Not only does the national unemployment rate remain unchanged at 9.6% with all but 6,000 Census workers now gone, but also the percentage of employed Americans per population stayed at 58.5% between August and September. Which seems improbable, given that the population has increased at least 300,000 and we have lost far more jobs than needed to compensate.

BIRMINGHAM, ENGLAND - OCTOBER 05: Unemployed man Steve Linton stands with his CV outside the Conservative Party Conference on October 5, 2010 in Birmingham, England. On the third day of the conference speakers are set to debate public services, crime and justice and poverty. (Photo by Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images)

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