The Meg Whitman campaign tops $140 million which is a spending record for a political campaign. The Republican candidate for California Governor is spending her own money on her campaign and is waging a public relations battle against a smear campaign that has been launched against her as an ‘October surprise’. Read about it below and see her photo and a video.

Former eBay Inc Chief Executive and California Republican candidate for Governor Meg Whitman talks during a news conference in Santa Monica, California, September 30, 2010.  REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson (UNITED STATES - Tags: POLITICS)

Former Chief Executive Officer and President of eBay Meg Whitman, 55-years-old, won the GOP nomination for Governor of California. She has pitched an expensive battle against former California Governor Jerry Brown for the job of trying to pull California out of the financial meltdown it has been experiencing. The billionaire American businesswoman has used her own money to finance her campaign and has the distinction of spending record-breaking amounts of money. At this point she has spent upwards of $140M on her campaign.

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jerry Brown, 77-years-old, has raised more money than Whitman. He has raised $28.9 million to Whitman’s $19 million from outside sources. She has donated $119 million of her own money to her campaign. But then again, she’s not trying to raise money, she’s trying to get a job.

Much of Brown’s campaign money has come from left-leaning Hollywood powers. He has received donations from famous names like Kate Capshaw who gave $13,800 this month on top of the $25,000 she gave last year; Sean Penn donated $2,000; Danny Devito and Rhea Perlman each gave $25,000 and Irish actress Katie McGrath donated $25,000.

Whitman’s donations have come from business people. She received $25,900 for the original eBay president Jeffrey Skoll, Phillip Morris USA donated $25,9000 and Microsoft Corp CEO Steven Ballmer donated $10,000.

At this time, polls indicate that Whitman and Brown are running neck-and-neck in spite of the huge amounts of money being spent on the ads.

Of course, the most effective and possibly least expensive political maneuver in California’s gubernatorial race this year has been the ‘October surprise’ of producing a former employee of Whitman’s who is an illegal immigrant and claims she was mistreated by Whitman. The woman, Nicky Diaz Santillan has been placed front and center by attorney Gloria Allred as evidence that Meg Whitman employed illegal immigrants. The facts don’t uphold the allegations the left is making against Whitman. In fact, the evidence proves just the contrary, that Nicky Diaz was, in fact, the one who used forged documents and didn’t disclose her citizenship status to her employers. The facts also suggest that instead of being mistreated by the Whitmans, she was treated very well and as ‘part of the family’. She was paid $28 per hour and had numerous perks and benefits during her 9-years of employment with them.

Unfortunately, the facts do not over-ride the perception of most people who just read the headlines and listen to sound-bytes. And unfortunately the democratic party is very proficient at using said headlines and sound-bytes in smear campaigns.

Meg Whitman has been victimized by this smear campaign and it has affected her poll numbers. Still, she’s a successful businesswoman and undoubtedly tough enough to handle whatever they throw at her. Hopefully, she’ll be able to effectively counter the accusations.

While Meg Whitman has the experience, business acumen and character to help California, Jerry Brown has Hollywood on his side. That makes it an uphill battle for Whitman.

You can see a video below about the recent smear campaign on Meg Whitman even with a record-breaking $140 million spent on her campaign. Her spending record was previously held by New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg who spent $109 million on his 2009 campaign.