Sure it was boring, which is why I’m posting this as bedtime reading. Whomever decided to have debates in May before an election year did not ask me. Nevertheless, these are the Republican men who would lead our country. At some point we need to start listening.

At least this time the pathetically biased Chris Matthews was not pretending to impartially moderate the debate. Brit Hume did a reasonable job I thought.

The incomparable David Wissing says that Mitt Romney won the debate. Clearly Romney sounds better than the rest of them, but is he really saying anything important? In the television age, form is perhaps more important than substance. Romney is clearly on an upward trajectory after two debates and we can expect him to shine even more when some of the low hanging fruit (hello Tom Tancredo) drop off.

Katie Wycklendt has the right take on Ron Paul’s foolish terrorism statement. I actually like Ron Paul because he has a unique perspective as the nearest thing we have to a Libertarian in Congress. But he looked ridiculous and caused real libertarians discomfort, so I will quickly run away and heap deserved scorn upon his presence.

Joe Gandelman has the good, the bad, and the ugly of Rudi Giuliani. Rudi’s strength continues to be leadership, however, the reality is that he cannot extract himself from the deepening self-inflicted quicksand on moral issues.

Bull Dog Pundit over at Ankle Biting Pundits gives John McCain credit for consistency, except that he castigates McCain for un-conservative positions. Well at least that is something. I continue to support McCain in what will certainly be a losing cause at this point. I do think there is an unfortunate tendency to confuse conservative positions with partisan GOP positions. Recent GOP history, as exemplified by our liberal president and the last congress, is anything but conservative. The GOP has NOT been conservative lately. John McCain is a traditional conservative in the mold of Goldwater. Hard to say if conservatives really want a conservative anymore, or if the word has simply become lip-service to misunderstood principles.

John Hawkins says that Mike Huckabee did the best in the debate. Huckabee said “Congress spends money like John Edwards at a beauty shop.�? Now that’s a conservative statement we can all get behind, but the problem is Huckabee just isn’t going anywhere so a consideration of Huckabee is like liberals discussing world events in a faculty lounge.

Susan has the video of Fred Thompson’s response to Michael Moore’s debate challenge.

Jawa says that Fred Thompson won the debate. The problem of course is that Fred Thompson wasn’t there, which means you are probably getting very sleepy by now.

As for Duncan Hunter, Tommy Thompson, Sam Brownback, and Jim Gilmore, there is a rumor that they were present during the debate. If you noticed them there, I am confident you are now asleep.