On June 30, federal, state, and local authorities decided to raid Rawesome Foods, an organic food co-op in Venice, California. Why was this done? Because the co-op sold raw dairy products. That’s right, as the video below shows, the FDA and the Los Angeles County authorities entered the store with guns drawn in order to seize the ‘contraband’, raw cow milk, goat milk, and goat cheese. Tonight, this abridgment of liberty was nationally exposed on the Colbert Report.

MITTENWALD, GERMANY - SEPTEMBER 04: A herder dressed in traditional Bavarian clothes drives goats down the Alps on September 4, 2010 near Mittenwald, Germany. Every year cows, sheep and goats are driven down the mountains in September after they spent about four months on the grazing lands in the Bavarian mountains. (Photo by Alexandra Beier/Getty Images)

The problem is not that it is illegal to purchase raw dairy food. No, plenty of stores sell them. Those stores sell raw milk that comes from ‘licensed’ dairies. Rawesome has been unable to procure a license, and is thus ineligible for the same treatment. It is not as if consumers were dropping like flies…no, you’re thinking of the massive egg recall last month from a ‘licensed’ site.

We’ve been hearing a lot lately about the huge debt in California and by the federal government. Well, it’s good to know that they have our good at heart, making sure the small businessman gets threatened by force to protect the agribusinesses that keep our food processed and safe.

So what has happened since the raid? Well, Rawesome decided that it needed a legal remedy to try to combat the awesome governmental forces striking against them. So, they restocked its shelves and required all customers to sign a legal release stating that they understood the ‘dangers’ from eating unprocessed dairy foods. Please see the video below.