After coming in a dismal 40th place last year, First Lady Michelle Obama tops Forbes Most Powerful Women’s list for 2010. Forbes added a “buzz factor” as well as other criteria to come up with their list of 100 women that they feel are the world’s most powerful. I don’t know about most powerful in the world, but I do think she’s the most powerful woman in the White House.

Singer Lady Gaga speaks at a rally in Portland, Maine, September 20, 2010 urging members of the Senate to repeal the military rule banning openly gay people from serving in the armed forces. The event was organized by the Servicemembers Legal Defense Network to pressure Republican U.S. Senators Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins of Maine to vote to allow a repeal of the policy. REUTERS/Joel Page (UNITED STATES - Tags: ENTERTAINMENT POLITICS)

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton finished in a very respectable 5th place. After all, she does travel all over the world working on peace deals, treaties, and making strongly worded speeches aimed at Iran, or is it Israel? I forget which. Oprah rounded (no pun intended) out the top three. I guess the fact that being on TV for 30 years and having a gazillion dollars will keep you perpetually on the Forbes Most Powerful Women’s list.

Here’s one you may not have expected. Or maybe you would have depending on your station in life. Lady GaGa came in at number 7. Can someone please explain to me Lady GaGa? I don’t mean explain how she ended up on the Forbes list, I mean explain her to me, period.

Other notable names that made the Forbes Most Powerful Women’s list include Sarah Palin and Arianna Huffington. Hey, Ellen Degeneres made the list too. I guess becoming a host on American Idol constitutes power of some sort. Chelsea Handler made it as well. Because you know, she’s powerfully funny?

Well anyway, Michelle Obama is your Forbes Most Powerful Woman for 2010. I wonder if next year Palin can make it into the top ten since there seems to be a tidal wave of Republican women who are headed for campaign victories this year and Palin’s had a hand in it? Just a thought. I’m sure Lady GaGa will make it to number #1 if all else fails.