On Tuesday’s radio show, Rush Limbaugh called President Barack Obama a “jackass“. Blasting Obama on his economic policies, Rush also said that Obama is an “economic ignoramous” and is an “idiot where capitalism is concerned”. Limbaugh said in response to Obama’s latest refusal to extend the Bush Tax Cuts, “Mr. Obama, our imam-child, they have already taken their trillion dollar ball home, and they’re sitting on it, you jackass.”

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rush limbaugh calls obama jackass
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Some in the Media are upset over this. But let’s face it, not only is Rush Limbaugh right, but he’s said far worse things about Barack Obama in the past. Rush has been referring to the President as “Imam Obama” for weeks now since Obama publicly approved the construction of the Ground Zero mosque near the site of the former World Trade Center. Shortly after Obama took office, Rush wrote an op-ed hoping that the new president fails. Limbaugh frequently says that Obama wants to destroy the American economy.

Of course, Rush Limbaugh is absolutely correct. Take for example the recent refusal by Obama to extend the Bush Tax Cuts. He, and his minions like Austan Goolsbee who was appointed as head of the Council of Economic Advisors, are trying to argue that to extend the Bush Tax Cuts to the rich would cost taxpayers $700 Billion dollars.

However, this is a deliberate confusion of the facts. For starters, the so-called cost of $700 Billion is erroneous as the money is neither the government’s, nor the taxpayers, to lose. The reason is that the money belongs to the taxpayers in the first place! If the Bush Tax Cuts expire, as Obama and the Democrats want, THEN the taxpayers will lose $700 Billion dollars! It’s THEIR MONEY and Obama WANTS IT!

This is typical of the confused, naive view Obama and his Progressive pals have about capitalism, economics and free enterprise in general. Take for example when Connecticut U.S. Senate candidate Richard ‘Vietnam Vet’ Blumenthal gave a muddled answer as to how jobs are created. He showed the standard Democrat ignorance on how the real world of economics works. The GOP candidate, Linda McMahon, corrected him saying that jobs are created when entrepreneurs take the risk of starting or expanding a business.

Rush Limbaugh is correct that Barack Obama is a ‘jackass’ when it comes to critical thinking. Obama’s views on everything, from the economy to national security, has been shown to be that of an ignorant person. A moonshiner in West Virginia has more of a grip on the issues than our president does. I do not even have to add the comparison by Limbaugh of Obama being a ‘jackass’ including his having big ears, which he does not use to listen with, and being a stubborn fool. Limbaugh adds today during his hugely successful radio show that the color of Obama’s skin does not matter, but instead the thickness of his skin and his skull.

Photos: www.wenn.com
barack obama is a jackass

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