Here is my first choice and runner-up pick for the most effective campaign advertisement of 2010. Good political ads are hard to come by when a blizzard of negative election commercials confronts us on television each day. We become deaf and dumb to political advertising, blocking out the constant noise.

Best political ads

Each of these video choices for best election ads are different, quite different. They are actually effective. Each has catapulted their senate candidate benefactor from a narrow deficit to a clear lead in the polls in the final weeks of the campaign season.

The first pick for best campaign ad of 2010 goes to Republican senate candidate Ron Johnson of Wisconsin. Facing an uphill climb that found him far behind in early polling, Johnson crept up slowly against the prohibitive favorite Russ Feingold in the late summer months. Then he unleashed this ad touting his outsider credentials as a manufacturer and an accountant, which refreshingly is a “positive” ad touting the candidate himself, a rarity in the final stages of any campaign. The ad served to vault Ron Johnson ten points past “the lawyer” in the homestretch. He will win this election easily in no small part due to the most effective political ad of the year, bar none.

Video: Best Political Ad of the Mid-Term Elections

Runner up for best election ad is from my home state of California. Senator Barbara Boxer saw her lead erode steadily and for a period of two weeks Carly Fiorina was beating her in the polls. The Democrat incumbent appeared to be on an irreversible downward slide until she unleashed this negative campaign commercial advertisement which is my second choice for top political ads of the campaign. This quite effective advertisement has blistered TV spots for two weeks, serving to reverse the senator’s waning fortunes. She is now the clear, albeit slight leader in all the recent polls. Should she eek out a victory, it will be mainly due to this hard hitting negative ad combined with a below radar backlash against Christine O’Donnell’s nomination in Delaware.

Video: Second Most Effective Campaign Commercial

So those are the most effective political ads of this election year as presented by your humble reporter and professional media critic. If you have a different choice for best campaign ad of 2010, leave a URL in the comments so we can see for ourselves.