Moral Majority founder Jerry Falwell was rushed to the hospital today after he was found immobile in his office at Liberty University. He was prononced dead upon arrival at the hospital.

A vice-president of the university, Ron Godwin, said that Falwell was found around 10:45am. He was fine just a short time earlier. “I had breakfast with him, and he was fine at breakfast. He went to his office, I went to mine..” said Godwin.

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Falwell was born in Lynchburg, Virginia to Helen and Carey Hezekiah Falwell. He had a fraternal twin brother, Gene Falwell. He was married to the former Macel Pate on April 12, 1958, and has two surviving sons (one, Jerry Jr., is a lawyer and the other, Jonathan, a pastor) and one daughter (Jeannie, who is a surgeon).

In 1995, Jerry Falwell began publishing the National Liberty Journal. Its articles include religious freedom cases, the LGBT rights movement, as well as examinations of the United States government. It also features articles on biblical prophecy, religious freedom, and Christian family issues.

In 1971 Falwell founded Liberty University, a fully accredited evangelical Christian Liberal Arts university, offering an assortment of bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees in over seventy programs, including Accounting, Pre-Med, Computer Science, Education, Law, Nursing, Psychology, and Religion.

Jerry Falwell also ran the PTL Club, PTL TV network and Heritage USA, taking over those organizations from Jim Bakker.

Biography altered from Wiki

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Read Bob McCarty’s tribute to Falwell, and then read the comment he left on this post:

“No sooner than I had finished posting, I received a half-dozen comments — none of which will see the “light of day�? on my blog — filled with bitterness and hate, thus proving there is a great gulf between those filled with the love of Jesus and those filled with themselves and the world.”

As I scan the blogs, I’m seeing these same hateful sentiments expressed on the blogs of a few liberals. I expected it from the usual suspects on the amoral left, but not to the vitriolic level that is out there. One of the problems with the pathetic liberal doctrine of moral relativism is it doesn’t allow for normal manners. We are seeing that today.

Jerry Falwell was clearly controversial at times and said many things I disagree with myself, but this is a day for remembering his historical relevance and the millions of souls he led. His contribution to mankind far, far outweighs the bruised egos of the few overly-sensitive liberals he left behind. He was a giant among men.