I wake up and decide to watch cable news while drinking my morning coffee. Well, one channel was belittling Christine O’Donnell, so I flipped to another. They were making fun of Sharron Angles, I then went to a third, which found great fun in disparaging the views of Rand Paul.

Well, isn’t that special? Three different stations, representing some pretense that they cover the breadth of American political ideology, were all going after outsiders. I wonder why? It’s sort of interesting to see these news readers, all of whom cherish their relationships with wealthy and powerful political insiders, opting to attack candidates who have brought down their favorites and now threaten to invade Washington, DC.

These news stations have spent their time protecting their patrons, and pretending that the partisan differences which they portray actually get at the problems which are threatening the lives of normal people. Let’s look at some issues for a minute.

Nobody in power in media or government wants anything to happen to fix the illegal immigration problem. They need them to work as their maids, nannies, and gardeners. That they also keep down the wages of real Americans is just a plus. So, as long as Democrats and Republicans have their talking points down, that’s all that really matters. Who cares if the problem gets solved?

They made sure that TARP got passed. That way their friends on Wall Street whose greed caused, to a great extent, the whole housing mess, were protected. Who really cared if they just took the trillion dollars we gave them and used the money to invest in government protected investments, thus guaranteeing them a profit? It protected all of their own home values; why should their friends and neighbors have to worry about foreclosures and falling home prices? Besides, they need to take care of themselves, too, right?

They all agree that we should fight a series of seemingly endless wars. Who cares if our bravest young people are lost or injured? Who cares if the nation’s wealth is thrown down a Middle East oil well? Few if any of their kids feel the need to fight in these wars…the elites all protect each other.

Which among them actually care if our education system is a complete mess? Their kids either go to well-off suburban schools or to private prep schools where they are protected from what the rest of the parents in the nation are concerned about. So, just let politicians make their taking points. Why should this or any other real problem get solved?

So, let’s make sure that nobody that may understand the problems of real people get to be part of the decision-making process. Let’s make fun of them in the smarmy style for which you’re so famous. But know that you’re vastly outnumbered by the rest of us, and that unless you demonize those closest to ourselves, these new candidates are likely to win. As Christine O’Donnell says so adroitly in her ad below, ‘I’m you.’