Tiririca, or Grumpy, the Clown, also known as Francisco Oliveira Silva, may be headed to join Brazil’s congress. The Brazilian people have gone and elected the illiterate Tririca, whom not only won the seat to represent the city of Sao Paolo, but he was the highest vote-getter of any congressional candidate in Brazil’s elections on Sunday. The second highest vote count in Brazilian history! Tiririca earned over 1.3 million votes, more than twice as many as anybody else. Not bad for clowning around! His campaign slogan was a winner, “Vote Tiririca! It can’t get any worse!”

SAN FRANCISCO - AUGUST 03: Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey circus clowns Nathan Holguin (L) and Michelle Musser (R) perform for a group of people that are auditioning to become circus clowns August 3, 2010 in San Francisco, California. Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey circus is holding a one day audition in to recruit new clowns to join the circus' famous 'Clown Alley'. Clowns who are selected could join the circus for two years and do shows in 80 cities. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Can Clowns Clean Up Congress?

Tiririca the Clown had some interesting policy platforms. Tax breaks for circuses being one. But before getting sworn in, Tiririca faces one minor problem. Brazil’s constitution requires that all of it’s nationally elected officials being able to both read and write. Tiririca is illiterate.

A court challenge prior to the election over this issue failed to have Tiririca removed from the ballot. Despite this, he may still be refused a seat in the Chamber of Deputies, which is what they call their Congress in Brazil. If Tiririca gets grumpy over this, the political party he ran under may be smiling at his expense.

Under Brazil’s constitution, the Chamber of Deputies uses an “open list” method of proportional representation based on the total votes received. So, because of the massive number of votes Tiririca won, the Party of the Republic (PR) may wind up getting to fill four seats in the Chamber with their other candidates should Tiririca be disqualified for being illiterate.

If all of this political Tom Foolery seems a bit over the Big Top, I suppose this is what happens when a clown makes a circus out of an election. But the Brazilian people have spoken and elected Everado Oliveira Silva to represent Sao Paolo in their congress, the Chamber of Depuites. If he survives the challenge to his being illiterate, Tiririca, or Grumpy, the Clown may wind up having the last laugh after all. Something we Americans see to suffer from every year as we elect clowns regularly.

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