Mullah McCain proclaims the following Fatwa: All of these posts must be read or risk the eternal wrath of Right Pundits blog.

Ace of Spades has the story of John McCain pandering to just about everyone. Ace Akbar!

Dave Price has the hypocricy of Democrats and their earmarks. Tis all about pork barrel spending in Congress. Dean’s World Akbar!

La Shawn Barber has a great piece about the media’s rush to judgement during the Duke lacross rape case, but how does he find time to attend conferences? La Shawn Barber Akbar!

John Hawkins has the usual story about liberal treason, in this case ABC’s Brian Ross helping America’s enemies. Right Wing News Akbar!

Jawa Report has the infuriating story of our old hosting company Dreamhost’s hosting of an Al Qaeda terrorist website. Jawa Akbar!

Resurrection Song has reflections about how bad American Idol really is … Resurrection Song Akbar!

Steven Taylor says that Paul Wolfowitz broke up with his girlfriend. Boy, when it rains it pours. PoliBlog Akbar!

James Joyner has the story of a bomb plot at Jerry Falwell’s funeral. OTB Akbar!

Mark Stewart reminds us that Americans should not visit Iran, unless you want to be a hostage. Market Freedoms Akbar!

Steven Nielson has more on our favorite topic, the amnesty bill. Nielson Akbar!

Andrea Traversa has the latest on Ron Paul and Eric Dondero. She carries good news that Dondero is picking up steam. Libertarian Republican Akbar!

United We Stand Divided We Fall has still more on Eric Dondero. UWSDWF Akbar!