For a while, James O’Keefe was the new Merry Prankster. He first came to national renown by eviscerating ACORN, at which point he was the darling of many on the right. His next escapade took him and his troupe of partiers down to Nawlins, where they decided to try to tap the phones of Mary Landrieu, ostensibly to examine whether she was returning calls from constituents who were conservatives. Unfortunately, O’Keefe got caught in the act. As we all recall, fortunately for him, one of his band was the offspring of a US Attorney in Louisiana, which in our state guarantees a wrist-slap.

WASHINGTON - OCTOBER 21:  James O'Keefe, the producer of 'ACORN Revealed: The Philadelphia Story' takes part in a press conference at the National Press Club October 21, 2009 in Washington, DC. During the  press conference Andrew Breitbart showed new video material as well as new footage of ACORN officials.  (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)

Since then, O’Keefe has tried to repeat his early success. This spring, he showed that at the Census Bureau, some government workers wasted time and money. I, for one, was shocked at this revelation. Poor Jimmy though inadvertently got himself in hot water by accidentally leaving out some basic information on his application form, like his criminal record. So, that prank went somewhat awry.

Well, Jimmy’s latest hijinks may have caused his patrons to turn their backs on him. CNN discovered that he planned on turning the tables on a CNN reporter who sought to interview him to publish information about this new breed of activist journalist. His goal was to seduce her, tape the seduction (complete with toys), provide her with false information about conservatives, and then finally, in a coup de grace, expose her and CNN as lackeys for the left. However, one of his erstwhile allies, finally tired of his tactics, warned CNN of his dastardly plan.

I’ve learned over a lifetime that figuring out who is able to seduce attractive women is virtually impossible. However, O’Keefe looks no different than the hundreds of other guys who leave their mommy’s basement to habituate the latest Comic Con or hover outside the Apple store waiting for the doors to open. But maybe Jimmy’s got the Midas touch. Who knows?

So now, many of those who started the time clock for O’Keefe have now signaled that his fifteen minutes are about up with this latest gambit. Andrew Breitbart has made clear that he was not involved with the CNN plan; Brent Bozell of the Media Research Center said that he has made it clear that conservatives must follow the same rules of journalism by which they expect liberals to abide; Matt Lewis agreed that O’Keefe may have traveled a bridge too far with his latest antics, and removed himself from ever being taken seriously.