There is nothing like a good old fashioned fuel crisis to get the politicians all stirred up, and thanks to a lot of help from the MSM, the Demorats are going to be all over the oil companies this week. First up at bat for the D.C. Dirtbags is lefty Chucky Schumer who (is again) calling for “energy legislationâ€? that will crack down on big oil, and according to him, it’s time to take a serious look at breaking up the major oil companies to bring more competition to the marketplace.

The senator’s plan may sound good to some soccer mom that just sank a hundred bucks into the gas tank of her SUV, but Schumer’s plan is nothing more than a political con game he’s running on the American public, and if he screws around with the oil companies too much we will all be paying for him sticking his nose into matters that he has no business interfering with.

I filled up this morning and the gasoline at the station I do business with was $2.98 a gallon. Out of that $2.98 Schumer’s federal government took their 18.4 cents per gallon in the form of an excise tax, the State of Arkansas took another 40.2 cents per gallon, and those greedy “Big Oil� bastards that the liberals are always trying to save us from made a whopping 10 cents per gallon.

If Schumer and company was really looking out for you and I he might consider proposing some legislation that would temporarily pull the plug on the federal fuel taxes, and/or impose some sort of limitations on the individual states concerning the maximum amount of taxes they can collect on fuel, i.e., no state can impose a tax on fuel that exceeds the amount of taxes collected at the federal level.

You can see how much you pay in taxes on gasoline on THIS PDF compiled by the fine folks at