If you ever wanted to know what Penguins on Half Moon Island were up to, now you can. Thanks to Google’s Antarctica Street View. Yes, no longer will street view be monopolized by disturbing men wearing horse masks or little girls lying in the street pretending to be hurt. Now the vast frozen tundra of one of the world’s last frontiers is available for the world to see at eye level.

Adelie Penguin on ice - Magnetic Island,East Antarctica

Google’s intention with Antarctica Street View is to have Google Maps now active on all seven continents. This week, the internet giant added the frozen continent, Brazil and Ireland to its list of locations that can be accessed by the public.

Google has been under fire by privacy advocates who say that Google’s street view allows too much of our privacy to be available at the click of a mouse. There is something a little creepy about seeing your own house from a bird’s eye view when you know you weren’t there when the picture was snapped.

Somehow I don’t think the penguins on Half Moon Island will mind too much. Here’s a link where you can check out what’s going on right now on Antarctica. In case you were curious. Some have joked that Google wants to own the world. May be, but at least now with Google’s Antarctica Street View they can at least see it all.