Mullah McCain issues the following fatwa links which you are obliged to read or incur the eternal wrath of Right Pundits.

Cao’s blog has an infuriating discussion of how Al Qaeda will be knocking on the Democrats virtual door about the capture of U.S. troops. Cao Akbar!

William Teach has the ridiculous Memorial Day musings of one singular John Edwards. Pirate’s Cove Akbar!

Mr. Minority confounds us all with a most perplexing poll done on the feckless United Nations. Mr. Minority Akbar!

Avi Green supports Tom Tancredo on border security. At least somebody cares, for which we say Tel-Chai Nation Akbar!

America’s Victory 08 has the story of Fred Thompson leaving Law and Order. I wonder why that might be? Akbar!

Big Dog’s Weblog has the foolishness of Barack Obama. Big Dog Akbar!

John Hawkins has the grass-roots revolution within the GOP over the puzzling appointment of Ken Calvert to the Appropriations Committee. Right Wing News Akbar!

Dave Wissing has data to prove that the 60 Minutes interview helped Mitt Romney’s poll numbers. Hedgehog Report Akbar!

Linkfest Haven and Open Trackback Alliance Post. Links Akbar!