In an interview with Diane Sawyer on “Good Morning America,” the former Republican speaker of the House said there was a “great possibility” that he would run for president.

(You can read the article about Newt’s “GMA? interview and watch a video of the interview HERE.)

While I personally think that Fred Thompson would be the best conservative candidate that the Republican Party could hope for in this election cycle – if in fact he were to decide to throw his hat into the ring – Newt Gingrich would be a close second on my short list of candidates that I would feel “comfortable? supporting.

My problem with the current pool of potential Republican nominees mostly revolves around the fact that only one of them could be considered as being a “true conservative?, and unfortunately, he hasn’t got a snowballs chance in hell of getting the nomination, let alone actually being able to defeat the Clinton/Obama ticket that I am almost certain the Democrats will be rolling out for the upcoming race for the White House.

I am well aware of some of my fellow conservatives concerns that Newt carries too much political baggage to be a viable candidate, but I would say to them that Gingrich has the charisma and political skills necessary to overcome attempts by the opposition to exploit any of his past transgressions. In short, Newt carries a big political stick, and he is more that capable of beating the hell out of the liberal spin doctors with it.

It is my opinion that should the Republican Party insist on putting their/our support behind any of the so-called top tier candidates that have entered the race thus far, defeat at the polls in ’08 is inevitable. We, as a party, are in dire need of a candidate with the ability to win, and if Thompson isn’t willing to assume that roll, then Newt could be knight in shining armor that the Republican Party needs to step up to the plate and save “us” from being strangled by the Democratic political machine.