It has been 100 years since the tragic exploration of the South Pole began by Robert Falcon Scott. The Antarctic relics, which have been with his grandson, were auctioned on Wednesday. Where did they end up? Keep reading below for more details, photos and videos.

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Christie’s Auction House in London handled the sale of the historical artifacts. The items, which included photographs, equipment, manuscripts and skis, went for more than the original high estimate of £250,000. However we don’t know where they went, as the buyer remains anonymous.

As a short history recap, Robert Falcon Scott’s Antarctic relics and his crew set of in 1910 from Britain to explore the frozen wasteland. They successfully made it there, but never made it home. Therefore crews were sent looking for them and Sir Charles Seymour Wright found what was left.

The findings were then left to his family, and Scott’s grandson Adrian Raeside has decided to depart with the artifacts. Hopefully a historical institution has snatched up the amazing items and they will be displayed and preserved.

Earlier this year the explorer’s diary was released online detailing what went on during the trip. It detailed how let down they were to realize Norwegians had beaten them to the punch about a month earlier. Later, as he began to realize he most likely wouldn’t make it out, his notes reflected that.

Antarctica is still no place I would like to call home, but with the advances in technology going there isn’t the same as it was a century ago. And if it weren’t for people like him that took the risk, we would know a lot less about our world.

What do you think about Robert Falcon Scott’s relics being sold by his grandson? Who do you think snatched them up? Leave me your comments about this news, after you check out these pictures and video.

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