Sometimes we all find our own trouble and sometimes trouble finds us. I am often teased by the man who promised to love me through thick and thin and mid air disasters that where I am, disaster soon follows (tornadoes, napalm bomb fires (that will be the subject of a future post, perhaps), hurricanes and historic nor’esters…).

Imagine my surprise yesterday afternoon when my cell phone started ringing with 2 calls simultaneously from my father and my brother Frank and a little later, by my long-time childhood friend, Kathy to tell me that there was a midair collision between two planes and one of the planes landed at the foot of the driveway of the house where I grew up! The above mailbox, now redecorated by the new owners, brought me news of college acceptances and rejections, birthday and Chistmas cards and local newspapers. What are the chances?

As my father (if you remember, he’s a WWII vet who thought the beach landings in “Saving Pvt. Ryan” were tame compared to the real thing) and my brother (an airline employee)) were drinking coffee at a local coffee shop were casually glancing at the large screen TV, they recognized a familiar sight – a yard that my brother and I had thrown baseball and threw frisbees with our German Shepard, Lady. Kathy’s mom grew up on the farm that once was located where my parents’ house is now, so they were watching with great interest too (and live on Kemper less than a mile away too).

There were two planes associated with nearby Blue Ash airport – that is about all that is known right now – and they collided in midair. One landed in front of 5780 E. Kemper Road and the other in a neighborhood just north of the Kemper Road site. Almost unbelievably, nobody on the ground was hurt by either the crashes or the falling debris. There was talk about heroism on the part of the pilots who may have steered the planes away from the homes.

Unfortunately, both pilots and one passenger were killed and our hearts go out to the families who lost their lives in this incident.

We had often discussed the dangers of the nearby uncontrolled airport (no control tower) and the possibility of airplanes falling out of the sky upon us, but we really never thought it would happen!

Our prayers go to the families of the victims and I regret that the home that my parents made for my brother and me became the final destination for one of the three victims.

The stories and video can be found here and here and here.

(Yes, there REALLY is a WKRC in Cincinnati!)

Video can be found here.
Video courtesy of KMBC, Kansas City

The house with the asphalt driveway and with two concrete strips on either side and the US flag proudly flying is my parent’s former house.