After watching the the Republican Presidential nominees get hosed at the disgraceful MSNBC “debate debacle” the other night, I came up with a short list of moderators I would have liked to see host a couple of debates before the 2008 elections roll around. This a “Top 5″ list of qualified individuals that I believe would be fair to potential nominees – regardless of which end of the political spectrum they’re on – and would not only be fair to the participants, but would not waste our time asking irrelevant, uninformed or just plain rude questions like those asked by Chris Mathews and company in last weeks debate.

In order to save a little space here on the front page, I’ve listed my picks along with snippets from their bio’s below the fold. So take a peek and agree, disagree, or suggest other potential moderators that you think would be good candidates for future Presidential debates.

Hugh Hewitt
Hugh Hewitt is the host of a daily nationally-syndicated talk radio show heard in more than 100 cities across the county. He is a Professor of Law at Chapman University Law School, the Executive Editor of, and one of the country’s most widely read bloggers at Hewitt is the author of eight previous books, including the New York Times’ bestseller “If Its Not Close, They Can’t Cheat” and “Blog: Understanding The Information
Reformation That Is Changing Your World.” He served six years in the Reagan Administration in a variety of posts including in the White House Counsel’s office. He is a graduate of Harvard College and the University of Michigan Law School and lives in Southern California.
(Source: Town Hall Website)

Alan Nathan
Alan Nathan’s Battle Line is something quite different. Every show begins with his mantra “We want the Republicans out of our bedrooms, the Democrats out of our wallets, and both out of our First and Second Amendment rights.” (He additionally challenges the Libertarians). He’s been called the “centrist with teeth,” who conducts a guest generated, panel driven, dialogue and debate show that moves at about 125 mph. Alan insists that regardless of the issue (political, social or cultural) it can be both substantive and spirited.
(Source: Allen Nathan Website)

Jim Bohannon
Bohannon describes himself as a “militant moderate” delivering his wit, wisdom and natural charm to listeners across the nation. The Jim Bohannon Show brings listeners a unique blend of breaking news, interesting features and informative reports on a spectrum of topics. Bohannon also talks to special guests and his loyal callers live, offering humor and compassion.
(Source: Westwood One Website)

Larry Elder
Known to his listeners as the “Sage from South Central,” Larry Elder sizzles on the airwaves with his thoughtful insight on the day’s most provocative issues, to the delight, consternation, and entertainment of his listeners. The “Sage” engages political and cultural leaders in meaningful debates over race, government, personal responsibility and education that have elevated the talk radio genre. A blend of fiscal conservative and social liberal —with attitude—Elder’s libertarian views have fueled controversy and made him one of the most in-demand radio personalities in the country.
(Source: Larry Elder Website)

Walter Williams
More than 50 of Walter Williams’ publications have appeared in scholarly journals such as Economic Inquiry, American Economic Review and Social Science Quarterly and popular publications such as Reader’s Digest, The Wall Street Journal and Newsweek. He has made many TV and radio appearances on such programs as Milton Friedman’s “Free to Choose,” William F. Buckley’s “Firing Line,” “Face The Nation,” “Nightline” and “Crossfire.” He is also the author of several books. Among these are The State Against Blacks, later made into a television documentary, America: A Minority Viewpoint, All It Takes Is Guts, and South Africa’s War On Capitalism.
(Source: Town Hall Website)

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