We all remember Joe Scarborough, the Republican on the low rated PMS Channel. Well, if you don’t you can read some of his background here. He was one of the Republicans that supported impeachment of former President Bill Clinton.

Well, he interviewed Mrs. Bill Clinton this morning on PMS (Don Imus’ old slot). You probably missed it but newsbusters.org has a good recap. This guy fell in love with Hillary and referred to her as “a unifying force in the Senate who could end the division in the country.” Yeah right. If you believe that I got a bridge in SF I could sell you. The interview was a puff piece on Hillary.

One would expect a more balanced interview on any candidate for President. He failed.

Scarfarce, who lives in the liberal media bubble, gave scant coverage to the arrests of the terrorists in New Jersey when this news broke several days ago.

Does PMS have any true Conservatives on their programs, or are the token Republicans just a bunch of media- con-artists?