Even on this, the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, I remember September 11, 2001 very well. I had gotten to the office early, of course. Ever the eager beaver, selling telecom and IT hardware. Probably the first two things I noticed that morning was just after 8:45am. Maybe a few minutes later, but close enough. I was going over email and such, checking out a few ‘fishing holes’ on the Internet when it slowed down. We had a pretty decent connection at work, so that was odd. By 9am, it had slowed to a crawl. The other odd thing that morning was a lack of phone calls. Usually, some local phone guy calls up needing this or that right away.

9 11 remembrance

So I knew something was up. Something very odd was going on. Now, I did have a radio tuned to a news-talk station and they had reported about “a small plane appears to have crashed into the North Tower of the World Trade Center”. So I knew about that, but I had not connected that this was a big thing yet.

So about 9am, I decided to grab another mug of hot chocolate. What the heck? The phones aren’t ringing and the darn Internet is jacked. I stepped into the break room and saw that everybody was in there eyes glued to the TV. My attention was immediately drawn to the image of the burning North Tower.

I could not say how long I watched, but it could not have been more than a minute when there was an explosion on the South Tower. At that moment, I think I said out loud, “We’re being attacked!” It was pretty clear at that moment that this was a coordinated effort. This wasn’t some lone nut or just a bad pilot with a bad heart or something. This was not an accident. It was an attack.

As horror gripped us all that morning, watching events unfold, I knew that this had become a ‘Day to Remember’. You just can’t watch 3,000 people die on TV, plus images of tens of thousands fleeing the dust clouds pouring through the streets and not realize that. I recall one of my colleagues asking me later that day what I thought would happen? My answer was something along the lines of “World War Three or The Great Awakening, take your pick”.

Well, so far we seem to be going down both paths at once. We are in a global military struggle. America has troops deployed in 135 nations. That’s just about most of them. This is going to be a very different war than we’ve ever fought before. From time to time, it may involve invading a nation, toppling a regime or two. Most of it will be low-intensity and clandestine, fought with drones and special ops teams. It will be a long war, too, very long.

The Great Awakening is happening, too. When you really listen to many of the Tea Party and 9/12 members talk about why they’re getting involved now, they usually start their personal story at 9/11. That day changes them. Maybe they didn’t know how at first. But it showed them, and many of us, just how fragile our way of life is.

In many respects, the war and the awakening are connected and feed each other. The war reminds us that what we have is forth fighting for. It needs to be defended and protected. The awakening also reminds us that we are not perfect. That we still have much to do and more wisdom to grow and develop. The awakening shows us that we can move forward, but we have to work at it. For far too long, the People have been on auto-pilot, on cruise-control.

We’ve let a lot of thing slip and get out of hand. Time is not necessarily our friend at the moment. But all things require a first step. There’s no doubt in my mind that this November is going to be a major step in restoring the nation. There’s that old quote that nobody seems certain as to who said it first “If not us, who? If not now, when?”. Hard to say who between Reagan or RFK said it with the most conviction?

September 11 is that day when we all need to ask ourselves those questions. Not just because it is the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. Maybe another question along with it, “Is this what we really want? If not, then what?” The growing trend of the Great Awakening is to move back to a smaller, weaker government. Even Castro now admits that Communism isn’t working in Cuba. When will the Progressives get the message?