Ahhh, more drama. On the Sean Hannity radio show today Sarah Palin endorsed Christine O’Donnell in the Delaware Senate race. Hannity let everyone know via Twitter that he appreciated Palin’s call in and of course loved the exclusive of Palin’s endorsement. So what does this mean for the Delaware Senate race?

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin stands in high heels as she speaks at a Tea Party Express rally on Boston Common in Boston, Massachusetts on Wednesday, April 14, 2010.  UPI/Matthew Healey Photo via Newscom

It’s not news that establishment Republicans are once again vexed by a grassroots, Tea Party backed candidate. Sharron Angle worries the establishment just as Christine O’Donnell does. Mike Castle, the party favorite, has to be a little worried now that Palin has thrown her hat into the ring with O’Donnell.

Some are saying that supporters of Palin wouldn’t have voted for Castle anyway. That’s probably true. But the point of Sarah Palin endorsing Christine O’Donnell isn’t to sway Castle supporters over to O’Donnell. It’s to reassure conservatives that O’Donnell wouldn’t be a wasted vote. Republicans want the Biden seat bad, and the establishment feels that Christine O’Donnell is an obstruction to that happening.

Once again though, Sarah Palin puts principle above party in an important Senate race. She could easily have gone with the conventional wisdom that Mike Castle would be the party nominee and endorsed him. She could just as easily have stayed completely out of the Delaware contest. This way she opens herself up to all kinds of criticism especially if O’Donnell loses.

Sarah Palin’s endorsement of Christine O’Donnell works two ways. First and foremost, Palin supporters and lovers will back O’Donnell to the hilt. Look for a surge in O’Donnell’s fund raising efforts. Secondly, Palin haters will target O’Donnell for defeat. They’ve thrown everything at her but the kitchen sink already, look for the kitchen sink now.