Remember when we said we will never forget 9/11? Well we did and shame on us for it! Read more below and let us know what you think on this anniversary of the events of September 11, 2001.

Revolutionary War: Give me Liberty or Give Me Death
Don’t Tread on Me — Hold’s true today.

Civil War Gettysburg Address: All Men Are Created Equal — remembered best from Lincoln’s speech, more than the fact it’s in the Declaration of Independence, still holding true.

WW2, Pearl Harbor: A Date Which Will Live in Infamy. — and it does.
9/11/2001 –We Will Never Forget: Yet we did, just a few short years after the murder of almost 3,000 innocent people on our shores.

Never doesn’t mean much anymore, does it?

Nothing has changed since this was posted on 9/11/2010, other than Bin Laden is dead. I still feel the same anger I felt 10 years ago. How about you? How do you feel, after 10 years of political football, with no half-time?

The above are just a few quotes from several wars that most folks should be familiar with. Why is it that the most recent quote from when war was declared on us seems to mean the least? No — you may not blame the internet for our lack of a collective American conscience.

This Sunday will mark ten years since that horrific day on 9/11/2001. Ask around, how many care? It’s not like it’s the fifteenth or fi or twentieth anniversary, it’s just ten years. Just another day. Unless, of course you’re among those that were profoundly affected by this blatant and cowardly act of terrorism. For us, it’s another day that passes with no resolution in sight.

We sent our Military off to war and then tied their hands behind their back. We now have to fight the politically correct way or someone will get upset! What a crock of crap if there ever was one. War is ugly, politically correct is vulgar, obscene and costs us more lives than if we had been allowed to go in and do the job right — from day one.

Be advised this is not a politically correct post and you might be offended. I don’t care. For at least a little while (until Sharia law is imposed on us, or something similar) I still have the right to free speech.

Think mentioning Sharia law is a bit of an over reaction? Look to other countries — start with England, and see how they are now run by Islamic extremists, not the Prime Minister or the Queen. You think it can’t happen here? If you’re one of those that believe it can’t, you’re also one of those that have already forgotten 9/11 happened.

Historical events usually teach us something; apparently all 9/11 did was upset us a bit as we began to lose one freedom after the other.

We turned our attention toward banning offensive words and determining who had hate in their heart and when and why. We did all we could to dance around what happened to us, on our shores 9/11/2001, because God forbid, had we held the memory close, a lot of politicians and ‘czars’ would be unemployed by now. Our Troops would be home.

Within 6 to 8 years after we were attacked by the cowardly Islamic extremists, we were being taught to empathize, sympathize and welcome them into our hearts. Hell, we had the audacity to elect a man with Muslim roots and Muslim name to the highest office in the land. The sheeples all said ‘It doesn’t matter.’

To many of us it did. It was too soon, and wrong. The money-men backed the most controllable candidate, and it wasn’t Hillary Clinton who, by the way, would have kicked butt and taken names later.

No one can dispute that she actually likes America, and you can bet your bippy she would never have bowed or curtsied before any nation, nor would she have gone on an American apology tour.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a Hillary fan, but you people had a choice and you went the PC route. As Sarah Palin says, ‘how’s that hopey-changie thing working out for ya?’ You wanted to show the world we could all sit around holding hands and singing folk tunes while smoking pot and lamenting global warming. See how nice, sweet and docile we are?

Only in fairy tales, folks —- only in fairy tales.

We need to revisit the memories we have of that horrific and sorrowful day, 9/11/2001. We need to find our pride, our honor, and keep our word about never forgetting.

Waving the white flag of surrender is not currently an option, yet we do that every time we cater to whims of a group of people that want us dead, regardless of the cost to them, in lives or money. We used to believe in freedom for all, yet now even the majority get silenced if something is said or done to offend these illogical, hysterical fanatics.

We can’t draw a picture of what we think their prophet might look like. We can’t burn their favorite book, we have to have prayer rooms and special meals prepared for those that harmed us. We are constantly having ‘honor’ killings rationalized to us, so that we might better understand their culture. Do we really want to understand them? Why are we being ‘conditioned’ to accept their way of life?

We are here, in America. Shouldn’t we be concerned with our own welfare, our safety, our honor and dignity than bowing before kings and such?

Those that are offended by our alleged Muslim phobia need to realize, it’s still a country anchored in Judeo-Christian principles. Granted, at the rate it’s going that statement is only true at this point in time. We still have the right to not give two hoots what others think or whether their feelings get hurt. A group of people that cannot be controlled maliciously murdered thousands of people. Their religion supposedly teaches peace, truth and tolerance, then turn around and say they have no idea Americans would be offended by a Mosque so close to the World Trade Center.

I am one American that will never forget. I take deep pride in knowing that members of my family have served in every war, beginning with the American Revolution. I’m grateful for whatever freedoms we have left, but curious as to what word or thought will be banned next. We can’t even tell a joke anymore without having to be concerned about it’s content.

Shouldn’t we be worried by more important things—like fighting this war as though we want to end it, and then bringing our Troops home?

On 9/11/2001 I felt terrified and helpless. Realizing the enemy lived within our border’s was akin to finding masked, armed intruder in my home at 3:00 AM.

Ten years later, I remain afraid. Not of terrorists and their so called peaceful religion, but of our own Government and their inability or lack of desire to do anything to stop this insanity.

No longer helpless, I’m empowered by the knowledge that many stand with me in wanting to see our rights restored and the people that did this brought to justice.

How did we go from being One Nation, Under God nine years ago today as we stood together, to one nation, battered, bruised, broke and widely divided on on almost all issues?

How did you feel on 9/11/2001 and how do you feel today? Feel free to tell us YOUR thoughts, not telling us what you think we want to hear. No need to be politically correct, but please do not be profane.

Please people, strive to remember what this day is about, and recommit to never forgetting. I look awful in head scarves.

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