(This post is contributed by commenter Tina at The Hedgehog Report)

The recent polls (Rasmussen, Newsweek, and Survey USA ) suggest bad news for the Republican Presidential candidates. I predicted this would happen last week after the disastrous Republican debate on the hyper-partisan PMS channel headed by the liberal cheerleader and circus clown, Chris Matthews, along with Keith Olberman, and Politico.com.

Since that debate, polls suggest that every top tier Republican candidate is trailing against the top tier Democrat candidates. Prior to the debate, McCain and Guiliani were ahead in many polls. In fact, Fred Thompson, who may or may not run, is likely to lose in Texas and Kentucky, if a recent Survey USA poll is accurate, which would result in his Presidential ambitions going down to sure defeat.. We know that debates matter – the liberal MSM decapitated the Republican side rendering them mean spirited, stupid, and out of touch.

The winner of the Republican debate could have been the candidate that said that he would not attend it if Matthews, Olberman, and Politico.com were part of that debate. If PMS did not replace these folks, the candidate could have walked away from the debate. The other Republican sheep would have followed forcing the R debate on PMS to have been canceled.

This would have been an act of political courage and that candidate would have surged in the polls.

Can we say President Hillary?

(This post is contributed by commenter Tina at The Hedgehog Report)

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