Two churches intend to give sanctuary to illegal immigrants to protect them from deportation and pressure lawmakers to provide a chance at U.S. citizenship.

Beginning Wednesday afternoon, a Catholic church in downtown Los Angeles and a Lutheran church in North Hollywood each intend to shelter one person as part of the “New Sanctuary Movement.”
A handful of churches in other U.S. cities plan similar efforts in the months ahead to spotlight the plight of illegal immigrants.

“We want to put a human face to very complex immigration laws and awaken the consciousness of the human spirit,” said Father Richard Estrada of Our Lady Queen of Angels Catholic Church in Los Angeles, where one illegal immigrant will live.

Organizers don’t believe immigration agents will make arrests inside the churches.

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Well I certainly hope that Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials take this as a direct challenge, and decide to raid the churches involved in this anarchist behavior. There is no reason to even debate the issue. Just kick the doors off their hinges (preferably tonight), cuff every illegal in the joint, and haul every last one of them to a processing center to prepare them for their ride back across the border.

ATTENTION MISGUIDED HOLY MEN: ICE agents have the authority to arrest illegal aliens wherever they are to be found. At home, work, school, and yes, even a church!

As of 05/09/07 @ 9:45 P.M (CST) 20,884,197 criminal aliens have successfully invaded our country.
Information courtsey of Illegal Immigration Counters