Today we had a real treat with not one, but two separate victory speeches on television. Glenn Beck gave one first during his show on the Fox News Network, declaring that Faith, Hope and Charity have won! He was referring to his recent 8/28 Restoring Honor crowd estimates at the Lincoln Memorial where well over 500,000 people attended. Not only was the crowd peaceful and polite, but they even cleaned up after themselves, leaving The Mall in good condition. Last night, President Obama delivered another rambling, confused speech to herald the end of our combat mission in Iraq. He continued to push for a hard deadline of combat troops in Afghanistan and to spend more money on stimulating the economy, too.

WASHINGTON - AUGUST 28: Thousands of people fill the National Mall from the Lincoln Memorial to the World War II Memorial during the 'Restoring Honor' event August 28, 2010 in Washington, DC. Tea party favorite and conservative broadcaster Glenn Beck hosted the event, a religious rally packed with patriotic speeches. 'Something beyond imagination is happening,' Beck said. 'America today begins to turn back to God.' (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Glenn Beck spent a good deal of Tuesday’s show exposing the folly of the Lame Stream Media. Most had denounced his rally this past Saturday, as they just do not comprehend the message it sounded. That Honor, Faith, Hope, Charity, Courage and Individual Liberty are all intertwined. You cannot truly have one without the other components. From the TV networks, like MSNBC, to websites like the Huffington Post, and the worn-out newspapers like the New York Times, just failed to tell the story.

On Monday’s show, Beck talked about the Burning Bush as it appeared to Moses. A fire that burns but does not consume the faithful, the honest. Those who stand behind God and the Truth can survive this cleansing fire unharmed. On today’s program, we see very clearly that the majority of the Media were consumed by the fire, as they are not truthful.

Glenn Beck’s vision of this past weekend’s event was not for some short-term gain in ratings or fame. The plan laid out is a long term one. Beck and about one million friends of his who attended know in their hearts that this is just the beginning of a long struggle, that will encompass more than a single generation.

Obama’s message Tuesday night was 180 degrees opposite. There were a few good points made as they are undeniable, even by him. That our troops deserve the credit, plus or support and respect for the fine job they performed in Iraq. That the same, along with patience is required in Afghanistan.

But while praising George W. Bush for his support of the troops throughout the Iraq war, Obama still felt it necessary to stab him with the over-used knife about the economy. How it’s only in the past ten years that the Middle Class have declined. That all the money spent on Iraq would have been better served here at home.

Of course, Obama is wrong on both counts. For starters, the money we spent on Iraq was borrowed. Just because we may not have spent it there, doesn’t mean we would have borrowed it for domestic items. Obama has no problem flinging the nation into deeper debt for wasteful and pointless spending programs.

Secondly, as one who grew up in Detroit, the Capital of America’s Middle Class, I can tell you quite honestly that the Middle Class in this country has been in a steady decline since the mid 1960s. Blame it on LBJ and his Great Society or LBJ and the Vietnam War, or LBJ and Nixon taking precious metals out of our monetary system, any way you slice it, the decline is much longer than a mere ten years.

So Obama had to play the partisan political card on the auspicious occasion. It’s an election year and the Democrats are down by 10% points across the board in recent polling. With no sign of the economy improving, November will be a rout, causing Obama to either retreat or intensify the partisan division.

Meanwhile, simple, pudgy Glenn Beck is breaking down barriers and walls that divide the country. Restoring Honor crowd estimates ranged from 300,000 to over 500,000, perhaps even approach one million. His message of Faith, Hope, Charity, Honor and Truth are gaining ground. I’m half-surprised that they didn’t start mass baptisms in The Mall’s reflecting pool. Beck has revived the Black Robe regiment with some 240 men of God from a wide range of faiths and denominations joining hands in this Call to Retsore Honor. With Obama, we get short-sighted cheap shots. With Glenn Beck, we get the long hard road to salvation.

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