Some things are too priceless to ignore. Equal rights for women now includes the right to go topless. Men are showing their support by wearing bras and bikinis.

“It’s a matter of fairness,” Go Topless director Nadine Gary said. “We want equal topless rights for all or none.”

Now I could (and would) mock this whole thing, but these people are serious. Dead serious. Go Topless is an actual organization, and it sponsored a protest several days ago. And before you say, “Hey, why not?” (and I know you Right Pundits followers would say just this), take a look at what normal people are subjected to.

But wait, it gets better: The reason the Go Topless folks sponsored their event in August is to commemorate the August 26, 1920, constitutional amendment for women’s right to vote.

I think they chose August because they don’t have the balls (no pun intended) to go topless in January.

Suzanne Venker is an author, blogger, and speaker. Her new book, What Conservative Women Know, will be published March 2011. You can visit Suzanne at No Bull Mom.