Happy Mother’s Day!

[McCain’s comment]: Do not forget to read these important gift ideas!

[MBT’s comment]: McCain’s gift list is, well, um – if you want to be in the doghouse at least until you buy her a really expensive gift to make up, I would leave his list where it belongs…

Well, I couldn’t let this day go by without a comment from the ladies’ side about what we ladies want for Mother’s Day (remote controls, printers and laptops complete with video games just don’t cut it guys, sorry,, and slinky nighties are probably more of a gift for you than for us, but then again maybe….). Printer-drivers? PLUHLEEZE McCain – you must have gotten into some of that legalized, or not-so-legalized wacky-tobaccy out there in California-land!

And yes gentlemen – even though we aren’t your mothers, we still deserve a gift – afterall if we are married to you, we have to mother you all the time!

I wanted all the ladies out there in cyberland to contribute to the list and let the men know what we want. They are always complaining that they can’t figure us out, so let’s not give them that excuse this year.

Here’s the beginning of my list:

1) Bring the babysitter along for vacation – it is her Mom’s vacation too!
2) a women’s weekend at the spa
3) expensive chocolate (no – “Whitmans Sampler” won’t do)
4) jewelry always works and makes you look good at the same time: “Oh yes my husband bought this for me!” “Oh wonderful! How did you get so lucky to have married such a wonderful man?”
5) see #3
6) Ferragamo boots/shoes (I added that one in for lisab)
7) flowers are always nice, but only if in conjunction with at least one of the above gifts
8 ) a lovely dinner out (without the kids)
9) see #3
10) a vacation to a really romantic place: Tahiti, Hawaii, Bermuda, …. (no, the Indy 500 does NOT count!); but always in conjunction with #1.

For more ideas, see what other ladies have posted in the comments section!

Ladies – don’t let me down here – this is your chance to let him know what you really want! (In keeping with this family site, keep it at least a little clean!)