Mother’s Day is another holiday land mine to be skillfully navigated by the hubby-man. You too, dad, can succeed by following our eloquent gift suggestions so stand tall and be counted.

The good news is that you do not need to worry about your own mother. Your beloved wife will take care of that problem in the mysterious way that she does each year.

What you need to do is worry about your wife, otherwise known as the mother of your children. She is that vaguely familiar person who takes care of the kids while you golf and watch baseball.

So without further ado, here are the Right Pundits top five gift ideas for Mother’s Day.

Brunch with the kids would be a great way to celebrate mom’s special day. This super gift idea requires some planning since reservations must be made in advance. Give her the phone number at least 24 hours ahead of time, or she can use the spare phone book by the kitchen phone assuming that you followed last year’s gift ideas. Suggest a table in the corner so she can comfortably watch her children run all over the place while you sneak peaks at the basketball game in the lounge.

Extended Minutes
Remember that phone card you purchased on Valentine’s Day for long-distance dialing? Just think how much money mom has saved on your ATT bills already! It is time to reward her with a huge surprise — extend the minutes so she can enjoy many more months of uninhibited family savings. Advance Christmas gift tip: you can create an auto-dial button that automatically dials the access code so that your wife can more efficiently dial your mother.

Second Remote
What a genius idea! Get a second remote so that mom can occasionally change the channel on her very own. Another benefit is that you have a second option when “someone” misplaces it inside the couch. Agree in advance about which channels, and under which circumstances, mom is allowed to use her new toy.

A New Toaster
What better way to recognize the unique bond between mother and child than a toaster? Consider the 4-slot deluxe model for motherly efficiency in the kitchen. That will allow her to make 4 pieces of toast simultaneously — two for you and one for each child. Save the warranty card since mommy will want to fill that out within the hour.

Printer Driver
Isn’t it about time that you installed the printer driver on her laptop? After all, you splurged on the laptop for Christmas so mom could type to-do lists while folding laundry. With access to your printer, just think how effective she can be organizing parties! Mommy won’t know how easy it really is to install the thing, so continue to explain how technical problems are always more difficult than they sound. And so that she has a tangible gift to open, print the ASCII code and tie a festive ribbon around the scroll.

We would do a top ten list, but isn’t five gift ideas enough for Mother’s Day?