Parents can now relax thanks to a new study presented to the American Sociology Association. Teen sex is not always bad for school performance. Sociologist Peggy Giordano of Bowling Green State University says “This should give some comfort to parents who may be concerned that their teenage son or daughter is dating.” She observes that teen sex is “not going to derail their education trajectories.”

NEW YORK - JUNE 06: Patient Allie Bond (C) dances with other patients during the ' Night Under the Stars' prom at the New York-Presbyterian Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital on June 6, 2009 in New York City. As prom season kicks off across America, approximately forty teenagers suffering from chronic and life-threatening illnesses, walked the red carpet as part of their own prom night held at the hospital. The event was organized by a group of fifteen patients in an effort to make the hospital a better place. Professional hairstylists, make-up artists, manicurists and a limousine were on hand to give the patients a memorable night. (Photo by Chris McGrath/Getty Images)

According to a Federally funded survey, nearly 50% of all high school students are having teen sex. As many as 14% are having teen sex with four or more partners. Yet, the sociologists who think they know best say this should not be a concern to parents.

The study in question was conducted by Bill McCarthy of the University of California, Davis and Eric Grodsky of the University of Minnesota. They analyzed surveys and school records of teens from 1994-1995. The experts say that very little has changed in teens or their attitudes towards teen sex in the past ten years.

According to their research, the data points to high school students having teen sex had no ‘appreciable’ differences in terms of grades, absenteeism or other school-related problems from those students whom refrained from having teen sex.

Yet, while they make these claims, the data shows otherwise. For example, teens who engaged in casual teen sex did have lower GPA scores compared to virgins. The active teen sex group also cared less about school and hard more school-related problems. Teenage girls practicing teen sex had GPAs 0.16 points lower than virgins and boys likewise had GPAs 0.30 lower than virgins. Statistically, teenagers practicing teen sex were more likely to be suspended or expelled from high school and fewer went on to college.

While the egg-head experts in sociology think the facts prove nothing, the Family Research Council says the data confirms that teen sex does indeed have negative consequences. But the egg-heads stick to their guns when it comes to destroying the moral fabric of the country. Public Health Professor Marie Harvey of Oregon State University says the new study does prove that all teen sex is not bad.

The one thing this new American Sociology Association study about teen sex not being always bad to school performance does prove is that our universities, like Bowling Green State University, are paying a lot of idiots to teach America’s youth. Naturally, Barack Obama probably wants to expand sociology spending while he approves the new education agenda sponsored by the George Soros-funded Center for American Progress. Their new report (see link below) calls for eliminating funds for America history, Constitution-Civics, and Economics programs in our high schools. Just the sort of courses one would want to eliminate to make future generations of ‘sheeple’.

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