The following is a message that has to be heard. It has to be heard if we are ever to break the shackles of tyranny. An upcoming documentary that will surely be targeted by the left as pure pap and likely labeled racist. The Runaway Slave movie will be released in 2011 and the trailer is so powerful that I felt I needed to share it with the readers of Right Pundits. It takes on the very touchy subject of race, slavery, blacks who are conservative and basically the whole “plantation” mentality that the democrats seem to thrive on and want to keep black Americans stuck in.

Since the mid-60’s black Americans have been voting democrat at an almost 95% pace. 2008 was no different, Barack Obama carried the black vote by a very healthy margin. We’ve seen stories lately of how Mr. Obama is starting to lose even the black voters in this country. The problem is it doesn’t appear to be for the right reasons.

We’ve seen anecdotal stories of black voters being disinfranchised with Obama simply because he hasn’t come through with promises of jobs and hasn’t ended their financial hardships. The truth is no one man is capable of doing this. Even Barack Obama, America’s first African-American President. The Runaway Slave movie deals with the entitlement mentality that is keeping black Americans (and others) in proverbial slavery.

Pastor C.L. Bryant is a black preacher who declares that he has escaped from the plantation; Bryant then describes his documentary as those who have won their freedom going back to the plantation to declare to slaves that they can be free as well. He essentially says that blacks and anyone else who rely on the government to survive are nothing more than slaves to the system. Democrats right now are trying to add Hispanics to their plantation with immigration reform.

Bryant is correct in his assertion that relying on government for survival is nothing more than slavery. Those who depend on government programs and handouts have allowed themselves to become slaves to the master of government. Liberals and statists are all to happy to allow this to continue. What is truly tragic about this is that those who depend on government think that they are getting what they “deserve” when in essence they are settling for a meager wage which amounts to slavery.

The political discourse in this country has fallen to a dangerous level. Any criticism of these socialist, liberal policies is often met with cries of racism. The Runaway Slave movie deals with this as well. One black clergy member in the clip below says something that is so simple yet so profound. He says that this message cannot be delivered by a white man. A white man bringing this message will only be called a racist. As a matter of fact I am completely expecting to be labeled a racist for writing this now.

After pondering this subject and seeing the trailer for The Runaway Slave movie, I’m convinced that the key to finally breaking the shackles of progressive tyranny and truly being a nation of free men will be for African-Americans and other minorities on the government plantation to understand and see that those who have promised to give them so much have really taken much more away from them.