Look what happens when you have a clumsy left-wing political hack like Chris Matthews run a debate for grown-ups. The debate ends up being a set of loaded, left-wing questions that attack each candidate. Newsbusters has documented all of the liberal bias foolishness from the Republican presidential debate in video and transcript.

And to think that this spectacle occurred in the sanctity of the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library!

Here were some of the questions by Matthews and his sophomoric sidekick, but consider yourselves warned that you may be all the dumber for reading them.

Q. “Is Karl Rove Your Friend?”

Q. “Would it be good for America to have Bill Clinton back living in the White House?�?

Q. “What do you dislike most about America?�?

Q. “Will you work to protect women’s rights, as in fair wages and reproductive choice?�?

Q. “Thousands of reputable scientists have concluded, with almost certainty, that human activity is responsible for the warming of the Earth. Do you believe global warming exists?�?

I usually give media member the benefit of the doubt when their liberal bias leaps from the television set into my living room. I assume their leftist slant is so ingrained in their souls that they don’t even imagine how their bias sounds to our ears.

In this case, in this debate, the liberal bias was so completely naked that one can only conclude that pompous Chris Matthews, along with his smug sidekick what’s-his-name, wanted to be the story rather than the conduit. A Republican presidential debate became a Democratic attack forum with constant interruptions and downright harassment, resulting in one of the most shameful circus acts I have ever witnessed in election journalism.

Unfortunately none of the aspiring presidential candidates had the testosterone to do what needed to be done, which was to tell Matthews to shut his mouth. The debate was screaming for a Zell Miller moment, but it never came.

And because none of these Republican candidates had the balls to challenge such a transparently phony moderator, Mathews actually succeeded in diminishing them all before the public. God help us all if any of these guys actually have to make a real decision someday.

Mary Katherine Ham assesses each candidate over at Townhall.

Captain’s Quarters says that Romney won the debate. Romney clearly was not the biggest loser in this spectacle.

Stephen Green at VodkaPundit was “drunkblogging” the debate. Apparently he anticipated how bad the circus would be.

Sister Toldjah was doing a more traditional but equally poignant liveblogging thing.

Maybe I will call this post “delayedblogging,” which was necessary for me to get over the shock.