I thought we had seen the last of this type of story but apparently not. This week, Lt. Col. Terrence Lakin, MD, decided not to report to Fort Campbell for deployment to Afghanistan, according to CBS News. Instead, he chose to report to his brigade commander at the Pentagon, Col. Gordon Roberts, and advised him that he considers orders given by President Obama to be illegal since he has no proof the President was born in this country.

Col. Roberts then advised Dr. Lakin that he would face a court martial for his decision. Last month, when he decided to make his decision public, Lakin made a YouTube video (below) where he announced his plans to disobey any deployment orders and understood that he was inviting a court martial. Lakin has served in the Armed Forces for 18 years. Previous to this incident, he has earned the Bronze Star Medal. While being investigated pending the hearing, Lakin will serve at Walter Reed.

One institutional difference that separates our nation from most others is the power of interest groups, for a variety of reasons. But it drives me crazy when interest groups persuade members or others to act so goofy. It happened during Clinton’s presidency, during Bush 2’s presidency, and now this poor guy is going to be a sacrificial lamb so that a pressure group can get some publicity.

Let’s, for the sake of argument, assume that there is a basis for his claim, and therefore he avoids punishment. Well, I’ve got two words for Dr. Lakin – Stanley McChrystal. If anyone could have won based on this charge, it would have been him. You’re just gonna ruin your career. You’ll be the darling of the ‘birther’ movement for a while, then they’ll throw you away like an old rag. That’s what interest groups do to their symbols.