My husband just found this in the Washington Post (where we read all our quality news!)

3,500 Lbs. of Bat Guano Found in AtticThe Associated Press
Thursday, May 3, 2007; 9:45 AM

BALLSTON SPA, N.Y. — An upstate New York couple didn’t think a few bats in the attic were much of a problem when they were buying a house last summer.

Months later, they found out how wrong they were when they discovered more than a ton and a half of bat droppings up there.

Nick LaBoda and Jenna Caputo say a home inspector informed them about the bats. They called an exterminator, who told them to wait a while before removing the bats because the babies were too young to fly.

Then they forgot about the bats until they smelled a foul odor in January. When they checked the attic, they found dead bats and piles of guano.

An exterminator says hundreds of bats had been living in the attic, leaving behind 3,500 pounds of droppings.

It cost $25,000 to clean up the mess, and the couple’s insurance company wouldn’t cover it. They’re fighting it out in court.

A church I belonged to in Cincinnati had this problem and they couldn’t keep the bats out – they kept returning – and the colony was so inbred, they were virtually twins of each other. The guano was dripping down the walls and through furnace openings and vents. These folks have not seen the last of their furry friends…

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