Here are the Wisconsin Senate polls for the general election race between incumbent Russ Feingold and Ron Johnson, the GOP challenger. Once considered a race than leaned Democrat, Right Pundits has moved the contest to likely Republican since recent polling data shows Republican Johnson increasing his lead.

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In any other year Feingold would be an easy favorite to win re-election. Although his politics are liberal he also has an independent streak which has curried favor in his home state of Wisconsin. He has made no gaffes in the campaign and although his prior races have been close contests, there is no Feingold scandal or other specific news for voters to throw him out of office.

Indeed he has had all the breaks in 2010, particularly when immensely popular ex-governor Tommy Thompson elected not to seek the Senate seat. Thompson would have been an immediate favorite and there seemed at the time to be no second choice to challenge the sitting Senator Feingold.

But 2010 is no ordinary election year. The mood of the country is to sweep out all Democrat incumbents and even Republicans who backed portions of President Barack Obama’s unpopular agenda. Around the country incumbent Democrats like Senator Feingold are fighting uphill battles to save their careers. Those who supported Obama initiatives may regret their votes now as they are paying an enormous political price for the presidents unpopularity with the American people.

So in this unique political climate perhaps it is no surprise that Ron Johnson has emerged from relative obscurity to become a reasonable bet to beat Russ Feingold. Still it is early so we will see where the chips fall in the November election. As of now consider the race a tossup but our hunch is that the prevailing political winds will usher in an upset on election day unless something changes for Feingold.

You can read more about the Wisconsin Senate race which is receiving lots of attention lately here and here and here.

Recent Wisconsin Senate polls are below. Also view the video which presents Johnson as the fiscal conservative which voters are craving. Curious as to reader comments.

Senate Polls, Wisconsin, General Election Match-ups

Polling Date Polling Company Russ Feingold (D) Ron Johnson (R)
10/28/2010 McCLatchy 45% 52%

10/28/2010 PPP 44% 53%

10/25/2010 Rasmussen 46% 53%

10/12/2010 CNN 44% 52%

10/11/2010 Rasmussen 45% 52%

10/11/2010 Reuters 44% 51%

9/29/2010 Rasmussen 42% 54%

9/28/2010 McClatchy 45% 52%

9/25/2010 Fox News 44% 52%

9/21/2010 CNN 45% 51%

9/19/2010 Daily Kos 41% 52%

9/15/2010 Rasmussen 44% 51%

8/24/2010 Rasmussen 46% 47%

7/27/2010 Rasmussen 46% 48%

7/13/2010 Rasmussen 46% 47%

7/12/2010 Magellan 45% 43%

7/10/2010 University of Wisconsin 33% 28%

6/27/2010 PPP 45% 43%

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