Are you confused yet? Are you just barely beginning to doubt the faith-based zealotry of global warming extremism? If you are not, wake up people and smell the hot coffee.

The latest is that reputable scientists in Sweden are casting more doubt on the theory of man-made global warming. This time the doubters are not citing the fact that Mars’ polar icecaps are melting, or that several planets are experiencing the same slight cyclical warming trend as mother Earth.

The Swedish Research Council has studied warming and cooling trends that occurred over the last 10,000 years. Their findings just published in Science Daily suggest that these trends are related to the ocean currents and geography, meaning that when it is warmer in the north it is cooler in the south, and vice versa.

The study implies that the north Atlantic region (i.e. Europe and North America) will face regional cooling in the near future, and that temperature “see-sawing” has been occurring forever.

The story just reminded me of the apocalyptic yo-yo’s who were predicting a coming Ice Age in the 1970s. Don’t you think it is time for the useful idiots in the global warming movement to give up their ghosts so that they can join appropriately skeptical, thinking scientists on the other side of the pearly gates?