Medicare is 45 years old. In celebration of that momentous event, Health and Human Services will be highlighting the birthday with several special features. One of which is an Andy Griffith Medicare Ad which seems more like a political ad touting Obamacare.

circa 1965:  American actor Don Knotts looks at the camera with a surprised expression, as Andy Griffith holds his hand on his shoulder, posing in character as Deputy Barney Fife and Sheriff Andy Taylor in a publicity still for the television series, 'The Andy Griffith Show'.  (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

No one epitomizes small town America quite like Andy Griffith. Once the Sherriff of Mayberry and a symbol of all that was good and decent and wholesome, he’s now the pitchman to dispel the so called myth of Medicare cuts which are part of the trillion dollar healthcare overhaul.

In the Andy Griffith Medicare ad (which you can see below) Griffith starts by talking about how great of an event the year 1965 was because it brought us Medicare. Even though the reality of Medicare is that it’s become an unfunded liability of billions of dollars a year to American taxpayers.

Millions of seniors depend on Medicare every day, and they have been none too happy about the democrats cutting Medicare in part to pay for their monstrosity known as government healthcare. They of course still claim that Medicare hasn’t been cut.

Seniors in great numbers don’t trust that the government has indeed not cut Medicare. So bring on Andy Griffith. Who wouldn’t believe him? The Andy Griffith Medicare Ad says that more great things are headed our way due to the added benefits of government run healthcare.

In the ad, he tries to assuage doubts of seniors by telling them about all of the “free” benefits of the new and improved American healthcare system and Medicare. Small town America sure has changed quite a bit hasn’t it?